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More Than Food

We offer help beyond a food parcel. Find out more about additional services and support.

Community Outreach

We are ensuring that anyone experiencing food poverty in our district can utilise our service, whether in the centre of Braintree or in one of the more remote villages in the area.

This is not only about spreading the word, it’s about forging strong partnerships with local agencies and representatives, changing the conversation around foodbank usage and providing a robust signposting service to help individuals through their crisis and hopefully alleviate their need for emergency food.

If you or someone you know is struggling to afford the essentials and may find it hard to get along to a foodbank, please reach out and speak to our Community Outreach Officer on 01376 330694

Acts 435

Acts 435 is a charity which allows people to give money directly to others in need. Potential donors may feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of charities asking for support for very worthy causes, but Acts 435 is different.  It that it puts people who want to help in touch with those who are in need, through a network of churches and local charities. Churches and charities nominate an Acts 435 ‘Advocate’, who will be the Acts 435 representative in that place and trained by Acts 435.

At the moment Acts 435 is aware of 276 active urgent needs. These will include: those experiencing benefit delays and sanctions, those needing financial support for food and heating, housing and debt. Clients will include refugees and asylum-seekers, those experiencing domestic abuse and people with disabilites.

Acts 435 works entirely online. Its administration costs are covered through Gift Aid. One hundred per cent of donations go direction to the person donors choose to support.

For more information about Acts 435, visit

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