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What food do we need?

The shopping list on the right hand side of this page are the items we are in need of.  Any donation, big or small, with help someone in food poverty. You can also download our current list below.

Our Current Shopping list

  • We currently have large stocks of baked beans, cereals, pasta, pasta sauce, biscuits, rice, fish, soup, baby food and cereals, and we would ask if you could donate one of the items from our current list.
  • Larger packs of items don’t fit in our parcels making it difficult for our clients to carry home, this is why we ask for small packets.

For a list of donation points please visit this page by clicking here

For a list of our centres where you can donate click here

Please note: We ask for small packs as larger packs do not fit in our boxes making it difficult for our clients to carry home we are also unable (for hygiene reasons) to split large size or catering packs.

We are always pleased to accept monetary donations if you prefer or Supermarket Gift Cards.

We follow the standards set by the Food Standards Agency. We can only accept donations of unopened and undamaged goods that are still well within their “use by” date (no less than six months if possible). Items which do not meet these requirements cannot be used and your donation may be wasted.

Thank you



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