40p for 40 days, helping those in food crisis over lent

12th February 2018

40p 40 days

Lent has become a time when many may choose

to give up certain luxuries such as chocolate or wine. However, this year we are asking those who are considering giving something up for Lent to donate 40p per day over the 40 days of Lent to help us to keep providing food for those in crisis.


The tota cost of 40p for 40 days is £16, which is how much it costs Foodbank to supply food parcels, excluding the cost of food which is all donated. This is
where your generosity comes in.  Your £16 will


Keep our Warehouse going

The warehouse is where food donations are sorted for delivery to our distribution centres. Like any other business, we have insurance, maintenance and utility bills to pay. Without the warehouse it would be really difficult to operate this vital service.

Keep our delivery van on the road

This is also a vital part of our operation.  Without our van we are unable to collect food donations for sorting. Without it we would not be able to distribute food to our distribution centres and to those in food poverty.  As with any vehicle, maintenance, insurance and fuel costs need to be covered.

Help us to deliver new projects in 2017

Joining with the Trussell Trusts More Than Food campaigns, over 2017 we  plan  to roll out two new services, Food in School Holidays (FISH for short) and the ‘Eat Well Spend Less’ campaigns.  Whilst we have initial funding for set up costs, there will be ongoing costs to keep them running.

By taking part in our 40p for 40 days campaign you really will really make such a difference to families and individuals who are faced with food poverty through no fault of their own.

How can I donate?

Braintree Area Foodbank

Unit 6 Lakes Industrial Estate

Lower Chapel Hill

Braintree CM7 3RU

We would like to thank you for taking part, your donations will really help.

The Braintree Area Foodbank Team

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