Winter Appeal 2019

11th November 2019

Last December we supplied over 5,600 meals and this year the number is set to increase this Christmas.

Whether young or old, able bodied or disabled, all go hungry when they find themselves in crisis and the main reason people are visiting our centres is due to low incomes. The majority of visitors are on low incomes, the cost of living increasing while wages remain the same or they have an unexpected bill.  Many parents will face going without food so they can provide gifts for their children at Christmas or simply trying to heat their homes.

This year we have seen a significant increase in the number of single people and families who have had to visit us, which is why we are asking for people to donate from our Winter Appeal List instead of suggesting specific Christmas food donations. Although Christmas food provides that extra special treat for those in crisis the food in our parcels creates a meal that can be eaten on any day, not just at Christmas.

How can you get involved? We have four easy ways that you can help.  Take part in our Reverse Advent Calendar 2019, The calendar has been designed so that it is not date or month specific so that you can use it throughout November and December. Each square has an item of food that we need as part of our Winter Appeal. Distribute copies of the Winter Appeal 2019 Shopping List between your friends, families, and work colleagues. Or you could put up a Winter Appeal Poster 2019.

You can also make charitable donations via our giving site as a charity as it costs £40,000 a year to be able to be able to give the food parcels to those in need. Just a £5 donation could make such a difference.


Your donation will make a difference to someone this Christmas


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