Two Year Braintree District Council Grant Awarded

25th July 2023

Braintree Area Foodbank are pleased to announce that they have been awarded a share of the Braintree District Council’s New Homes Bonus scheme to deliver three key projects. This grant of £98,951, delivered over two years, will enable them to:

Create new distribution centre in Braintree 

Braintree Area Foodbank are to open up a new centre within Braintree to enable access to food parcels six days a week.

Delivering food parcels to outlying areas 

Braintree Area Foodbank will have the ablity to offer a delivery service to reach all the villages and towns within the district

Providing a Community Outreach Officer 

Braintree Area Foodbank are keen to ensure that everyone should have access to our services and the employment of a Community Outreach Officer will help them to reach this objective.

Braintree Area Foodbank are pleased to have these new initiatives supported by Braintree District Council over the next two years but are still a charity that relies on public support and donations to be able to deliver its services and to help those in food poverty.  We could not continue to do our work, which currently means buying food and other essentials, without the generous support of our donors and supporters.

Click here for more information on the New Home’s Bonus Scheme




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