Rothcock Festival 27th August 2023

11th August 2023

This year the Rothcock festival is being held at the Hare and Hounds pub in High Garrett in aid of Braintree Area Foodbank.

Vanessa Green, part of our PR team asked Craig Rothwell about the event and why it is so important to them.

VG – What is the Rothcock Festival?

CR – ROTHCOCK Festival is named after a combination of my partner & mine surnames (Rothwell & Peacock).

VG – Why did you create the Festival?

CR – It started in 2018 in our back garden where we managed to raise £180 for two charities.  In 2019 we raised nearly £2000 for a children’s hospice who helped some friends of ours come to terms with the sudden death of their 3 year old daughter while on holiday in Turkey. In 2020 we were unable to hold a festival due to Covid but we managed to hold a virtual festival on YouTube which can still be viewed and we raised £700.

In 2021 & 2022 we held our festival at a local pub where again we raised substantial amounts for Farleigh hospice & British Heart foundation.

VG – Why is this so important to you?

CR – We do this every year and donate every penny towards our chosen charity/charities

VG – You are hosting the festival at the Hare and Hounds pub in High Garrett this year

CR – All our acts donate their time free of charge as well as all our staff & stall holders and due to the circumstances we live in at the moment, getting anything for nothing is a challenge!

We hope to continue every year and hopefully get bigger & better to the point where we can get paid acts and raise more for local charities.

VG – Thank you to both you and your partner for supporting Braintree Area Foodbank this year.


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